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The Theory Of Dating Momentum

Of my theories about dating, the most prominent is what I call the “Theory of Dating Momentum.” Simply put; the Theory of Dating Momentum states that the more closely timed the first real-life interactions are, the better the chances that whatever you have will turn into a relationship.

I mention it because that theory is being tested this week.  Here’s what happened; I went on a first date that by all accounts went really well. The conversation popped, we had a lot in common and there was definitely chemistry. The only wrinkle was that as we were looking at our respective calendars, the only night we both had open for a second date was two weeks out.

There was no confusion – we both want to make a second date happen.  Let’s face it though; a lot can happen in two weeks.  Schedules can change. Attempts at continuing the conversation via email or text can prove frustrating. It’s definitely a test of a relationship’s viability even before one can really get off the ground.

I posed both the theory and the situation to “Karen” and “Grace.”  You might remember them from earlier posts but they definitely had their opinions on whether or not the Theory of Dating Momentum was real.

Karen, always the optimist, thinks the second date is going to happen. She pointed to the numerous long emails and text exchanges this guy and I have been having since our date as evidence.  She thinks that if the interest is there, patience is perfectly acceptable.

Grace, on the other hand, immediately put up a red flag. Grace is a realist/pessimist and a big believer in the forces at play around the Theory of Dating Momentum. Her rationale is that if the attraction is that strong, he or I would move things around to make a second date happen sooner rather than later.

Obviously, by posting about this, I have enough confidence in the guy to lean more towards Karen’s view of things. Both made excellent points, though. Ultimately, only time will tell if the theory holds true.

Stay tuned, I’ll let you know how it goes.

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