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How Many Times Must We Explain Why You Should Separate Your Personal And Client Twitter Accounts?!

At some point in time, social media managers are going to realize they need separate programs to manage their client and personal twitter accounts.  Apparently, that point in time is coming too late for the poor soul who was, until last night, managing the @KitchenAidUSA handle.

During last night’s presidential debate a tweet, hopefully intended for said manager’s personal account was published on the official Handle for KitchenAid in the United States:

Of course Cynthia Soledad, KitchenAid’s senior director of marketing, quickly made one of the more tactful retractions I’ve seen given these kinds of mistakes.  However, the question still exists; how can you see something like this, or any number of the instances where this has happened and NOT separate your accounts?!

Here’s a thought, have one program for your personal accounts and one for your client accounts. There are plenty of options out there including ones that allow for the shut off of team access during times of crisis or heightened scrutiny.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to get back to following @FiredBigBird and @SilentJimLehrer.


Polly Wanna’ Cracker? Kellogg Wants You To Tweet For It

There may not be such a thing as a “free lunch.” Thanks to Kellogg though, Twitter users in London can now at least have some free chips…well, almost free.

Kellogg UK has opened up a “Twitter Shop” to drum up buzz for their new Special K popcorn/cracker creation.  Users walk into the shop, tweet about the crackers and they get a free box.  Simple enough but just in case that didn’t make sense, they created this handy promotional video:


Now, this isn’t the first time a company has given away free stuff in exchange for tweets.  I recall Yahoo! did something similar at a conference I attended.  With them, I got to take home a huge, paper dictionary of social media and web terminology…I know, ironic right?

I tend to like this tactic in general and love the guerrilla-style offline marketing execution Kellogg UK created with it. Hey, they were probably going to have to do trials anyway so why not require some buzz creation along the way?  The only caveat I have with this is that there is no online component to this aside from Twitter.

To me, Kellogg is missing a HUGE opportunity to create a microsite with live feeds from the store.  IMO, users would LOVE to share photos of themselves in the shop tweeting or trying the new creations. It would help amplify and multiply the buzz opportunity.

Kellogg USA…send the check to me via paypal ’cause unlike the people in the video, I don’t work for crackers. Toodles!

NASA Scores Major Social/PR Win With Mars Landing

For those of you keeping score, NASA not only landed a direct hit on the planet Mars early this morning, they also landed a huge PR win via social media.

According to my data; in the last 24 hours, conversation about NASA has jumped over 350% thanks to smart tweeting by NASA’s social media manager, Veronica McGregor and, surprisingly also by JPL’s flight director Bobak Ferdowsi.

McGregor, no stranger to the social media limelight, lit up Twitter with the amazing personality she powered up for the mission’s official Twitter handle, @MarsCuriosity:

Meanwhile, Ferdowsi himself became an instant celebrity adding more than 20K followers since the start of this morning’s live stream. Perhaps not intentionally, Ferdowsi became the face of the new, modern NASA with his stylish haircut and {achem} dreamy smile.

He even managed to inspire his own internet meme and fangirl/fanboy tumblr:

Maybe I’m just a huge geek but I can’t help but feel really inspired by not only the mission but the smart risks and new energy being brought to NASA PR. Congrats to Veronica McGregor, Bobak Ferdowsi and the entire NASA-JPL team!

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