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Why Search & Social Are Now (Pretty Much) The Same Thing

I’ve never been one of those guys that drank the “SEO Kool-Aid.”  To me, technical tweaks and keyword-loading were always, and continue to be, an excuse for crappy content.

Thanks to recent patents filed by Google regarding their search criteria/algorithms, the rest of digital humanity is slowly catching on. For a not-so-brief explanation of what I mean, Moz.com has done a brilliant job covering the news and detailing what these patents mean to digital marketers.

Since Moz does a lot better job explaining the technical implication of the patents, I’ll stick to what I do best – connect the dots to businesses’ bottom line.

What this means for business is that your website strategy and your social engagement strategy are now, pretty much, the same thing.

Even casual mentions of your brand without direct links are now being considered in the criteria of where your website comes up in search rankings.  Given the fact that 95% of all traffic on the web is driven by the top page of search, this is a big friggin’ deal.

Not only does your content have to compel consumption the websites with the most traffic are now going to be the ones that can compel the most conversation, as well. Even for B2B brands, the B2B brands that can get people talking are the ones that will get the traffic, not to mention the sales.

From a measurement perspective, this news underscores the importance of keeping tabs on how many mentions your brand has, online and finding ways to increase that total volume.

Sure, you can play around with Google Alerts but trust me when I tell you that you need detailed data to this effect. Personally, I swear by Netbase even though you really do need to know a little bit about brand research in order to make the most out of it.

I have no doubt that we’ll see more of this type of news in the future.  The implications however, will remain the same – don’t settle for temporary fixes, just create better content.  This advice appears to be relatively simple but, like I said, there are a ton of lazy-ass marketers out there that still love their SEO Kool-Aid.

To them I say “keep doing what you’re doing ’cause you keep me looking great!”

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