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What’s The Best Way To “Get Smart” About Paid Digital Media?

Paid media has always been a little bit of a puzzle to me.  Maybe it’s because I started out in one-to-one sales?

The idea of paying to get in front of a lead defeated the purpose of hiring a sales or marketing team. Then again, that’s when my audience ranged from a couple dozen to a couple thousand distinct, recognizable targets.

Flash forward a few years and when you play in an arena with millions of potential targets, all scattered about across thousands of potential touch-points and I think I’m starting to understand. In fact, after a year or two of playing B2B social media “whack-a-mole” with a couple clients with tiny budgets – I’m ready to branch out and see what Paid Media has in store.

I’ve already started exploring eConsultancy, MarketingProfs and reading the paid media news of TechCrunch and Mashable but would love to know – what are your favorite  resources to “Get Smart” about paid digital media?


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