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How Resolutions Constrain, Rather Improve Us

I’ll make this a quick one. Seems that this year, there’s a lot less talk about making specific resolutions. Ok, well I saw one gay rag talking about how to “get a boyfriend in the new year” but that’s besides the point.

Resolutions have always seemed to me to be doomed from the moment you make them. Personally, I’ve always favored the “better decisions” resolution but even that one falls by the wayside after a couple of months.

The problem for me, and I’m guessing pretty much everyone else, is that life happens. We get busy, we get distracted, we have other things that take priority. None of us say “I think I’ll gain 5 founds in the first quarter of the year despite my new, fancy gym membership” but it happens anyway.

Let’s just leave it at this, we are busy people. Resolutions are fun for the first seven to ten days of the year but then they’re just anchors dragging us down.

I, for one, am elated to see fewer of those resolutions posts on Facebook, Twitter, etc. I say this not because I think we should just say “f-it all” but because it frees us to focus on more important things. Resolutions drag us down, handcuffing us to commitments that we make in overly idealized versions of reality.

Let’s just say we’re going to make today better than yesterday and see how that turns out. How’s that for something we can stick to?

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