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Confessions of a Car Nut N00b

When I first went to work at Brandware Public Relations, I knew I was in for a learning curve. Little did I know I know that curve would require seat belts and paddock access.

Allow me to explain. Brandware Public Relations, by virtue of the background of some of its team members, is an automotive powerhouse in the public relations field.  The person that referred me to Brandware is a car nut, my boss is a car nut and yes, many of our clients are car nuts.  On the other hand; I owned a car for maybe 2 ½ of the 12 years I was away from Atlanta.

It’s not that I don’t love cars or didn’t study the industry in-depth in business school. Auto enthusiast culture was just never much on my radar screen to the extent that it is for industry insiders.

Flash forward to this past weekend and Petit Le Mans – my first car race. Walking through the paddock, taking in the sights and sounds of top-performing super-cars, watching, in awe, as the pit teams serviced cars with speed and precision that would put any six-sigma black belt to shame.  I can now see what the big deal is.


At this point, I am reasonably sure my co-workers and the clients that know me best are laughing their collective buts off or looking at this post.  It’s the “aww – look at the cute car n00b” expression that I’ve become quite familiar with. In fact, I’ve never been shy that CPG is more “my speed.”

However after this weekend, I’m definitely starting to catch on. In the immortal words of Ricky Bobby, “I wanna’ go FAST!”

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