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Overcommitted, Much?

We all like to think we’re more important than we really are. It’s just a basic fact of human ego.

This is why we blog, this is why tweet – it’s to get attention for ourselves because we believe the external validation is necessary to our very beings.

It’s also why we cram our schedules full of so much even though we realize it might detract from the overall quality of the output.  Take this past weekend, for instance.  Some time during the summer I had the great idea to run my first half-marathon.  I trained, I researched and found one to register for.  Only later on did I realize that it was the same weekend as a conference I had to attend AND, subsequently emcee one of the workshops. It was also Halloween weekend and parties-a-plenty to rock out at, in the evening.

A normal human would say “let’s rearrange some things here.” For one reason or another, I did not. I got up at 5, ran the half-marathon, attended the conference and still had enough in me [read “5 Hour Energy”] to attend not one but two Halloween parties.

It was great, it was amazing and I honestly can’t believe I did it all.  Neither can my body, apparently.  It was like “I see what you did there with the thinking that you could defy the laws of physiology.”  Suffice to say, I spent Sunday on the couch unable to move my legs without being reminded that I probably overdid it.

Morale of the story is that each of us has our limits. Extending ourselves is great but our lives balance the process of expending energy and renewing it. Sure, you can commit yourself to being superman/woman but know that everything comes back around in one way or another.

Oh, and for those of you who were wondering – 2 hours 10 minutes on the half-marathon ;-)…

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