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Just Stop With The Self-Pics At The Gym, Will You?

Of all the stupid things people do on social media, I hold that posting pictures of themselves at the gym is by far the worst.

Sure, its great to let people know that you’re active and fit. In fact, there’s even scientific proof that people that have friends that post actively about their exercise regimes are more likely to be active, themselves.

However, unless you’re Kelly Olexa or a similar fitness-based blogger, your motives for posting a photo of yourself in that over-priced designer tank top are pretty transparent. You might as well stamp the photo with your measurements and phone number and save yourself the trouble of posting it to a “dating” site.

For those of you who are proud of all the weight you lost, I applaud you. For the love of Zuckerberg though, can’t the duck face wait untill AFTER you take a shower?

Seriously, if you were that great of an athlete, you would get yourself out of the gym and demonstrate that physical prowess in some sort of sport. Posting photos of teammates, running medals and even your new athletic shoes are all inspirational no matter how deep you are in your fitness journey.

Taking a photo of yourself, however has only one purpose; to say to the world that you think you’re hot. I am here to say here and now that you will get no such validation from me.

If you need that kind of reassurance, go to a bar. In the meantime, I’ll be the one on the elliptical watching just waiting for my chance to photo-bomb you.

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