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Dear Conference Vendors: Don’t Call Me. I’ll Call You.

If I had to summarize my experience at Content Marketing World; I would say it was like a really good date ruined by overeager follow-up.

Don’t get me wrong, CMW was an amazing experience.  I met some fascinating people and walked away with some very valuable insights.  Unfortunately the vendors, some of whom I never talked to, walked away with my phone number and haven’t stopped abusing it since.

I realize that they’re only trying to help. For the love of Maslow though, you would think that a conference dedicated to marketing through value-added resources would inspire a little more creativity and tact than exhibited thus far.

Since the conference ended, I have gotten at least 3 calls or emails a week trying to follow-up with me.  Some of them want to sell me new CMS systems, some of them want to talk content syndication services.  They all want to “talk about how they can help.” This is great and I will want to talk to them but, like a date, the timing must be right.

Until then, please excuse me if I must deal first with my clients and then, when ready, I will call you.

Photo Courtesy of Vincent_AF

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