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To QuikTrip Or Not On Ponce De Leon?

This week, I want to post on the proposed QuikTrip on Ponce de Leon between Penn and Argonne Aves. Though the bulk of the conversation is happening on the local Nextdoor message board, I figure any discussion is good discussion. Plus, it gives me a reason to keep up with local development in my neighborhood.

The basics of the discussion is whether or not a currently undeveloped parking lot could be better utilized as a QuikTrip gas station, or can the neighborhood hold out for something more upscale?

On spec, I am general fan of anything that can help bridge the recent new developments near Peachtree with the up-and-coming Ponce City Market corridor. In fact, I think anyone in the neighborhood would back a developer that wants to step up and add value to Ponce over some businesses that might thrive off the seedier elements of the neighborhood.

On the other hand, I do see the points brought up by many of my neighbors. There are environmental, traffic flow, and security concerns that have to be dealt with not to mention the debate over the historic vs. modern character of Ponce de Leon, itself.

There’s even a debate about whether or not a QuikTrip might drive out the last vestiges of in-neighborhood businesses like L & M Service Market at 6th and Argonne. Just to put it out there, the defense of L & M is probably my strongest personal call to arms. I love that market and its owners and would rather the streets run red with QT slushy juice than see L & M shut down…just sayin….

Ultimately though, my opinion is just one of many. I’m going to try to make it to the public hearing at Jason’s Deli on 10th, Tuesday night at 8 PM. If you’re interested, I suggest you go to.

Until then, I’ll be at L & M buying up all their Whynattes just in case….hey, you can never be too prepared, right?!

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