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Sanity In The Age Of Over-Glorified Interconnectedness

Sanity In The Age Of Over-Glorified Interconnectedness

In the last two weeks I’ve run a half marathon, been to five airports, three cities, five client on-sites, two conferences and a football game. If someone would be so kind, I’d like to get off this ride now.

I’m not recounting my exploits to complain or to engender the “oh my gosh look how busy you are” looks. I’m doing it so that I can keep things in perspective and from completely launching myself off the well-worn edge of my sanity.

It’s easy to get over-committed, particularly in this age of instant communication. Days off turn into working vacations as quickly as it takes to read a single frantic email from a co-worker.

In the age of over-glorified interconnectedness, we take it upon ourselves to fix whatever we can at the expense of the bigger picture of our own well-being. We spread ourselves so thin that when the times comes where we are really needed, we have nothing left to give. The truth is that many of us lack the ability to say “no.”

It’s not just work, either.  It’s the constant drumbeat of our social lives that renders our personal time obsolete.  Sure, going out with friends is fantastic but what about a night off? Sometimes we need a night on the couch with popcorn and reruns of Family Guy just as much as much as we need the chance to get out and dance.

When you’re trying to build a life and, in particular, find that person that you can share all of the madness with the pull is strong to never slow down.  Doing so seems like you’ll risk loosing momentum.  The truth is that the exact opposite is the case.

How can you give of yourself when you don’t have anything left in the tank?  As I learned this past weekend, coffee and Five Hour Energy can only take you so far.  The rest is up to you and how you want to define that place of center where you can effectively give 100%.

With the holidays coming up, it’s not like any of our schedules are getting any lighter but at least in talking about it and writing about, we can gain perspective.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to get ready for another meeting.

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