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The Score Takes Care of Itself

The move was a long time coming. Despite the fact that I loved my experience at Moxie, the time and the opportunity came to move on.

Before the next chapter can begin though, there’s something much more important than packing up my things and turning in my laptop. That something is taking the lessons I’ve learned and try to make sense of them.

One lesson in particular is sticking with me – the importance of letting the score take care of itself.

Here’s the thing, when you’re at a big agency it’s hard not to try to keep score. It’s about how many project wins you have, how many awards you won, how many accolades you received, or people you managed. It’s the way you judge your presence as one part of a very large machine.

In all honesty though, I think the most valuable thing I learned is that the score – in that sense – doesn’t matter. The score, like I said, takes care of itself.

Maybe it’s because I didn’t manage a ton of people. Maybe it’s because I spent a lot of my time making the case for a seat at the table to begin with. I spent a lot of time on the outside looking in, trying to focus on the things I could change. It ended up being the small things that I did that made the most impact.

Things like the detail and research I put in and the frameworks I had to build from scratch tended to be the most powerful and respected things I ever created at Moxie. It got the nod from clients and more importantly created opportunities to work together with disciplines that had, upon my arrival, been reluctant to give what I did the time of day. Those small things built up to be something much larger,

Such is the work of the truly great strategists. It’s not the big ideas, it’s the small ones that matter. It’s the dogged work that’s put into every deliverable that makes the difference.

That’s one of the greatest lessons I’m taking with me going forward – to focus on the “sincere hustle,” not the score. When all is said and done, your work either speaks for itself or it doesn’t.

I’m grateful for the time and the lessons I learned. However, the next chapter begins on Monday. The only thing the scoreboard reads is that it’s time to get to work.

Game on.

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