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My Life In Check-Ins

I am a sentimental schmuck. I also love the geo-social application, Foursquare. This is probably why for the last year I have been ruthlessly addicted to something called 4squareand7yearsago.

What 4squareand7yearsago does is send you an email every morning listing out your check-ins on that day, one year ago. As you can imagine, I’ve been having an interesting time keeping track of and counting down to my one year anniversary of moving back to Atlanta.

It’s not that the move back was anything exceptional but, like I said; I am a sentimental schmuck and I guess looking back on things gives me some perspective if I’ve actually done something with my life. Take, for instance, today’s historic, run-down:

Allow me to translate….

  • One year ago was that day I officially moved back from DC
  • Port City Java – I got up in the morning and walked to a coffee shop since my coffee maker was already in a box
  • Eastern Market – I took one lap around the historic Eastern Market before heading back to finish packing
  • DCA – My friend/landlord Frank thoughtfully drove me to Reagan-National, where I did my best Porky Pig impression in a vain attempt to hide the fact I was seriously wondering if moving back was the right decision
  • ATL – By the time I landed I had kind of made up my mind that regardless of my trepidation, I had to make the move work one way or another
  • Chattahoochee River – Failing to find my parent’s house on Foursquare, I just checked in at the local park

Some might look at Foursquare and say it’s pointless or over-sharing but, as you can see, it does serve its purpose. In this case it facilitates memory, which is an important, if not sometimes the only benchmark we have for success.

Obviously things worked out for the best.  I’m running a half-marathon, I’ve got my dream job and life is good.

How do I know I’ll keep moving forward? I don’t quite know.  I’ll just have to keep on checking in to see.

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