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Damn You, Borsht-Guzzling Code Monkeys

Damn You, Borsht-Guzzling Code Monkeys

So, you might notice that the blog looks slightly….ummm, different.

This is because this website, along with several of my other sites, was hacked this weekend by a bunch of borsht-guzzling code monkeys from Russia.  Thanks to them, I had to spend Sunday afternoon going site to site weeding out the bad files.  I also had to find replacement themes that would not be susceptible to the same types of attacks and beef up my server-side security.

This might all sound very foreign to most of you and, I assure you, it was to me as well.  As much as I pride myself on being geeky enough to fix anything web-related, this one was just a little too geeky for me.

Morale of the story – there is none.  Thanks for being patient as I resolve the issues.

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