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Perhaps Flo Has Had To Much Errr…Coffee?

Perhaps Flo Has Had To Much Errr…Coffee?


Does anyone else see a problem with Progressive’s Facebook Log-Out ads?

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  • William Brink

    Absolutely right. Interesting how this played out for me. I sent an email to Progressive Customer Service stating the following: “I would just like to say that the current Facebook logout screen I am getting (one which features a photoshopped pic of an ostensibly wired Flo) is genuinely vile. So much so, that I will immediately quit my browser, or at least close the window rather than look at it. I already have a policy with you folks so, if you actually have any control over such things, I would really appreciate it if you could stop hitting me with your ad every time I log out of Facebook.”

    Much to my amazement, said ad vanished in less than 6 hours; and was replaced by some slightly less offensive character driven dreck from Discover. I’d like to think this was a personal response to my complaint, but that seems unlikely. As an industry player, do you know if that particular disaster got pulled across the board?

    December 9, 2014 at 6:35 am Reply
  • Danny

    I saw this ad today, however, I have adblock so the ad only flashes for a second before adblock kills it. I thought I was imagining things when I first saw those bubble eyes but upon a google search I was able to find the bubble eyed flo with a coffee cup in her hand and so, I was not seeing things, the ad is real and very weird 😮

    March 16, 2015 at 9:06 pm Reply
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