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A Resolution To Make Better Resolutions

A Resolution To Make Better Resolutions

Every year, we try to find resolutions that reflect things we want to accomplish to become “our better selves.”  The only thing is we’re already our best selves…it’s our choices that usually screw us up.  For instance; when we pig out rather than eat healthy or fail to reach beyond our comfort zone, we’re making decisions to veer away from what we know is “good for us.”

Each one of us, in the back of our heads, is familiar with what it takes to be better.  It’s drilled into us from an early age; things like eating right, exercising, doing something every day that scares you are all echoed through popular culture. The problem is that when we reach that point of decision there are things in our lives, fears or barriers that make us choose the easy way out.

That’s why the best the New Years resolutions aren’t the promises you make to yourself.  They are the criteria on which you’ll make better decisions. If you select resolutions that are more about choosing to veer towards who you know you are, I find you stand a lot better chance of keeping them.

These kinds of resolutions are usually more ephemeral.  They exist only at the moment of decision.  Like choosing to make decisions based on potential rather than fear or to make what you put into your body what you want to get out of it – these resolutions create forks in the road that lead to our better selves.

I’ll be glad to share mine as an example.  For me, it’s all about pushing beyond where I am now.  2011 was definitely a rebuilding year.  I re-established my network here in Atlanta, I ran my first half-marathon and I built the kind of digital operation at Brandware that I always envisioned.  In 2012, I want to take what been able to build and see how far I can take it. The choice for me isn’t between good and bad, it’s between good and how good I can be.

It’s about choosing to push myself a couple of seconds faster in a run even though I know it’s going to push me beyond my usual physical comfort zone. It’s about pushing the envelope in those downtime moments. These are all decisions that in the back of my head that I know are good for me.  I just have to chose to make them and that’s my New Year’s resolution.

I hope that whatever your “best self” is, that you resolve to veer towards it rather than away from it in 2012. Have a safe and happy New Year, everyone and if you end up making a better resolution of your own, I’d be honored if you shared them in the comments.

To 2012!

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