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A Day In Los Angeles Via Instagr.am

I’m out here in Los Angeles for BlogWorld.  Before I partake in what will surely be a quasi-orgasmic experience of geekdom, I did decide to take a day to visit clients and make some new business connections in the “real world.”

Because a day tooling around with Brandware’s main Los Angeleno was too good not to record for posterity, I whipped out the iPhone and documented a day in the life, instagram-style.

9:13 AM – En route to our first meeting:

As other states export wheat or livestock, California exports gridlock.  I would guess I spent a good 40% of my day like this.  Way to bottleneck, LA.

11:42 AM – Lunch @ Literati Cafe:

My co-worker and afore mentioned head Brandware “Angeleno” Jeff is just an amazing PR guy.  We worked for months to get the schedule for this day set up.  Of course, with traffic and meetings that inevitably ran over we had to work hard to keep everything together.

Here, Jeff is seen making sure our appointments stay intact before grabbing lunch at the cute little Brentwood “nosh spot,” the Literati Cafe.

4:15 PM – Pit-Stop @ World Class Motoring:

After three great meetings and a trip up the Pacific Coast Highway (video to come), we were definitley looking forward to our final meeting of the day – an early dinner and drinks with one of our favorite clients, David Dubrino of Robb Report. First though, not wanting to waste the opportunity to drop by and say hi to a former client, we visited the guys over at World Class Motoring.

If there was a physical heartbeat of car culture in Los Angeles, it would come from this place.  We were only there to say “hi” and to ask for some restaurant recommendations but I have to say that I was seriously tempted to buy a pair of these rocking racing shoes.  You can’t see it through the uber-cool B&W intstagr.am fitler but the top pair was particularly alluring in a color scheme patterned off of gulf oil livery.

9:35 PM – Drinks @ The Standard, Downtown LA

After finally making it back into downtown, I detoured to the legendary Standard Hotel to meet my friend and former b-school classmate, Ellery Long of Vertical Response.  High atop on the roof-deck bar, we had cocktails, caught up on gossip and celebrated my team’s win at the PRSA awards earlier that evening for MotoGuzziHeritage.com

One day town, two to survive.  Stay tuned…

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