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Georgia-Based BOTANTICA by Design: The “Breaking Bad” of Soap & Lotions

You know those friends that can’t wait to show off their hobby? Scott is one of those guys.  In fact, the first time I visited his home, he couldn’t wait to show off his laundry/mad scientist inventory. It was literally stacks and stacked of  soaps and bottles of lotions – all of which he creates from his own home.

Scott has turned that hobby into a small but rapidly evolving business. Sure, plenty of folks have dabbled at making their own soaps and lotions and many of them do create really….ummm…interesting stuff?

The cool thing about Scott’s creations, which are created under his “BOTANICA by Design” brand, is that they are not only all natural but bring a cool Hawaiian inspired creativity to their blends.  For instance, he created a set of soaps infused with botanical scents like lilac that smell and feel amazing.

Designed as an alternative to major market brands, Scott is keenly aware of how his products not only smell but feel.  His Papaya body lotion, for instance goes on light and absorbs quickly as opposed to remaining heavy and greasy.  Even the scent balances with your own skin leaving a pleasant, sweet air rather than being overpowering.

You can check out more about Scott and his product line at http://botanicabydesign.com/.

Blogger Disclosure: Scott is a friend and he shamelessly forced his product on me. Of course, I willingly accepted and any and all opinions or recommendations are covered by my standard disclosure policy for this blog.

The Friggin Peach

I am a logo whore.  There’s no way around it.

Ever since my first blog, I knew that the logo, the branding the look; it was all just as important as the content itself.  So I set out and found myself a designer and the first of “my” logos was born:

About 4 years later, I started my second blog. It was a little different from the first.  It was more mature and more professional.  It was meant to help transition me through business school and into post-MBA life.  I set out, found another designer and another logo:

Finally, I moved back to Atlanta and had my little “identity crisis” and it was time for a new blog and, you guessed it, a new logo.

I contacted Suzanne (who did the marketing diner logo) since I knew she did a little pop-art work on the side.  What I delivered to her wasn’t as much of a creative brief as it was a page and a half long brain dump.

Despite my anal-retentive exacting specifications and changes, we finally finalized the logo last night and – like a good logo whore – I couldn’t wait to show it off.  So, without further ado; the new logo for Just Friggin’ Peachy!

The absolute best things about this logo are that first, it does hit the nail on the head with the attitude of the this blog. Second, it’s kind of Rorschach Test.

If the peach looks like one thing or another, it’s your own fault.  After all, it’s just a  peach…or is it?!

Poodles & Pickup Trucks


Though Ansley Park is usually one of the more “gentile” neighborhoods of the city, it doesn’t completely exempt it from the quirks that, let’s face it, define Atlanta.

Take, for instance, this shot I caught on my way to work.  Yes, this how we roll; take a really expensive purebred and dump them in the back of a pickup.  Stay classy, Atlanta commuters.  Stay classy!

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