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That Time Twitter Won The Super Bowl

If you watched the Super Bowl last night without having someone in the room with a Twitter account, you missed a lot.  Not just when the lights when out at the Superdome but some of the best moments of last night happened off the field and online.

For me, it shows that Twitter is growing up and people are starting to understand the (no pun intended) power of the platform.

There were two key points I want to highlight:

1. When your website can’t handle the traffic, Twitter notices:

Despite having an AMAZING mobile-optimized site, cokechase.com hit some major snags last night.  Slow load times definitely put a damper on what could have been a serious contender for the best online/offline superbowl coke integration, yet.  I loved me some Polar Bears from last year but all the content that went into that site definitely showed that Coke realized that content will get you more eyeballs, longer than novelty, alone.

2. News travels fast…and funny:

When the lights went out, tweeps went to work.  Not only did the power snag elicit some amazing rapid response from Oreo but even the utility company supplying power to the Superdome swung into action:

Screen Shot 2013-02-04 at 7.03.23 AM

Now, keep in mind that the tweet above was subsequently deleted and replaced with this one:

I still believe, though that Entergy did the right thing by jumping on the issue.  They were proactive, informative and the only one’s really active.  No matter who was to blame, they used Twitter as a news distribution venue and something tells me it will save them a lot more grief than if they were silent and had a #EntergyNOLAFail campaign started up against them.

For the purposes of this post I am going to ignore some of the brands that dropped hashtags into their ads for the sake of it.  However, I think we’re finally getting to the point where Twitter is not just a platform but an ecosystem that communications professionals of all shapes and sizes are paying attention to.

All hail the tweeps on this one!

Just Stop With The Self-Pics At The Gym, Will You?

Of all the stupid things people do on social media, I hold that posting pictures of themselves at the gym is by far the worst.

Sure, its great to let people know that you’re active and fit. In fact, there’s even scientific proof that people that have friends that post actively about their exercise regimes are more likely to be active, themselves.

However, unless you’re Kelly Olexa or a similar fitness-based blogger, your motives for posting a photo of yourself in that over-priced designer tank top are pretty transparent. You might as well stamp the photo with your measurements and phone number and save yourself the trouble of posting it to a “dating” site.

For those of you who are proud of all the weight you lost, I applaud you. For the love of Zuckerberg though, can’t the duck face wait untill AFTER you take a shower?

Seriously, if you were that great of an athlete, you would get yourself out of the gym and demonstrate that physical prowess in some sort of sport. Posting photos of teammates, running medals and even your new athletic shoes are all inspirational no matter how deep you are in your fitness journey.

Taking a photo of yourself, however has only one purpose; to say to the world that you think you’re hot. I am here to say here and now that you will get no such validation from me.

If you need that kind of reassurance, go to a bar. In the meantime, I’ll be the one on the elliptical watching just waiting for my chance to photo-bomb you.

It’s Going To Be A Long, Hot Summer In The #ATL

The summer has barely begun but if Memorial Day weekend is any indication, global warming is alive and well here in the #ATL and it’s going to be a long summer.

Just in case you’re new here or are one of my friends that hasn’t had the pleasure of experiencing a summer here in the heart of the deep south, there are three things you need to know.  Summer in Atlanta is about heat, humidity and hills.  Classically used to describe the annual Peachtree Road Race, I’ve also found those three things dictate just about every aspect of life between the months of May and August.

First, everything here revolves around the heat.  Whether you’re trying to escape it indoors or taking advantage of it poolside, daily life is pretty much about the heat. Sure, other cities have heat as well but Atlanta’s type of heat is the kind of stifling heat that permeates everything it touches no matter if its shaded or not.  All you can do is hope Georgia Power doesn’t ravage you too badly on your monthly electric bill.  Luckily, Atlanta has no shortage of pools and whether or not you have access to one is a key determinant the strength of certain friendships.

Second, no matter how progressive Atlanta gets, there’s nothing like humidity to remind you that you’re still in the Deep South.  Walking outside in Atlanta from the safe haven of air conditioning is like running smack into a brick wall of moisture.  The worst part is that the humidity brings with it bugs like you can’t imagine. My only advice here is to invest in bug spray – and plenty of it.

Finally in my little trifecta of Atlanta summery goodness is the hills.  Familiar to every runner in the city – Atlanta’s hills are famous for becoming three times their size when combined with the heat and humidity of the summer. Likewise, hills tend to dictate a lot of what you might do, otherwise.  The prime example is Piedmont Park.  Piedmont Park has plenty of space but many, many hills.  The key to finding a good place to park yourself for a picnic is easily determined by how many hills you are willing to climb.  Such is Atlanta, the hills can just as easily be a Darwinian test of convenience and solitude as they are a runner’s potential workout.

Basically this is three ways to say that Atlanta is hot as bloody hell in the summer.  I’m sure you’re all writing into Monica (Kaufman) Pearson with the scoop as I type.

Seriously though, it’s going to be a hot one.  Good luck, stay cool and I’ll see you at the Peachtree ;-)…

Maslow, Consumers & Motivation in Social Media – Part I

If Abraham Maslow, father of modern consumer psychology, were alive today I am fully convinced he would take one look at what’s going on in social media and rip his famous Hierarchy of Needs to shreds. From over-sharing on Facebook to 140 character trends on Twitter (like We Want Justin [Bieber] Shirtless Tour), the psyche of the online consumer is so warped that even Maslow would agree we need a new model of consumer motivation.Continue Reading

‘Tis The Season For Awkward Moments With Your Jewish Friends

Face it; whether you’re a Jew or a Gentile (a non-Jewish person) this time of year is always a mixed bag for inter-religious gatherings. You might love holiday parties and you might love hanging out with your Jewish or non-Jewish friends.  Nothing puts a fly in the eggnog  though like those awkward moments that inevitably pop up.Continue Reading

Honkies For Herman?

As I was running errands this past week, I ended up behind a truck sporting a special kind of bumper sticker. At first, I thought it was a joke.  I mean, “Honkies For Herman?” Seriously?!

Of course, I googled the phrase when I got back to the office expecting full well to find some sort of parody website.  Lo and behold – they’re real and apparently semi-legitimate.  Here’s how they describe themselves:

“When we watch Mr. Cain and when we listen to Mr. Cain, we see Ronald Reagan and we hear Ronald Reagan…

Since racism, race bating, and classism are staples of leftist politics, we have decided to proudly be Honkies For Herman as a way of taking the issue away from the left…

We will not be producing any ‘Honkies For Herman’ t-shirts, bumper stickers, or buttons…”

What was that last part?  No t-shirts or bumper stickers?

I am all for political diversity. When you come from a town that has be-gifted the political scene with both Newt Gingrich AND Herman Cain though, you start to wonder if there’s something in the water that adds that extra bit of crazy.

Honkies For Herman, congratulations – you’ve just a coveted WTHATL?! award for the month.

The Barista Blues

Sometimes you just have to vent your workplace frustration…in song.

Case in point; take Christopher Cristwell – a Starbucks barista in California who posted this immensely funny video about two months ago:


Clad only in his underwear and signature green apron, he sang about the trials and frustrations of dolling out gallons of java at the worlds largest coffee chain.

Of course, the video got him fired.

Normally I try to stay out of post-gaming issues like this mainly because you never know when you might be caught up in one, yourself. This one is unique, though and I feel compelled to comment.

Compared to some employee rant videos Chris’ rant was rather tame and even entertaining. What’s more, he seems to be genuinely grateful for his time working at Starbucks and speaks passionately about the need for some sort of change. Though I would stop short of calling him the Che Guevara of the postmodern era, he may be onto something.

If there’s one singular truth about rants like this it’s that no matter how outlandish the claim, it’s that there’s usually a nugget of truth the company can learn from guys like Chris. Instead of firing him, why not take him off the java line and put him front and center as the face of their employee improvement team?

Think it sounds outlandish – what about hackers? Most of the great hackers end up working for IT security firms and become the face of turning a threat into an advantage. Starbucks should do the same with this kid. He’s creative, he’s passionate and hell…he’s not bad on the eyes.

Starbucks could score some much-needed PR points by positioning themselves as a true engager rather than a monolithic brand trying to protect it’s ivory tower.

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