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My Life In Association Communications

When I joined Kellen, the leading management and communications company for industry trade groups, I knew my job wasn’t going to be a walk in the park. Working with trade groups (aka associations) is lot like herding cats. Well…it’s kind of like herding cats, if the cats had the added disincentive to cooperate of anti-regulatory scrutiny.

Associations, by their very nature, are meant to appeal to the consensus. The association doesn’t take action until a majority of the members finds it in their best interests to cooperate. This makes movement on anything from issue advocacy to picking the font for their logo painfully slow. For someone used to working “at the speed of digital” this can be…let’s just say slightly frustrating.

The fact of the matter, though is when an association takes action it has the potential to move an entire industry. Once you do get a consensus, all of the members – more or less – have a vested interest in supporting the decision. Having the backing of not just one but sometimes dozens of Fortune 500 corporations helps a great deal in executing an industry-level agenda.

Working for Kellen also has the benefit of sticking me in the middle of some of the most talented communications professionals on the planet. I’m not joking!

These guys are like the Army Rangers of public relations. They don’t just deal with one issue or one company, they have to speak and advocate for an entire industry. Achieving and articulating that kind of consensus and while facing down a highly organized issue-opposition takes mad skills, not to mention patience and confidence.

Sure, Kellen works with more than just associations. In fact, our communications team has quite a few “individual” clients. These clients are less complicated and usually move at a pace akin to a “normal” agency environment. READ: “OMG…I need it now!!!”

Ultimately, a lot of the work we do is thankless outside the rarefied air of the representatives of the companies we work with. When we win, it reflects on our members rather than our firm. You almost never hear of Kellen in the news.

For agency veterans this can sound like a dreary existence. I assure you, though the work never lacks a challenge. What’s more, there’s an element of accountability that Kellen’s work has to have on behalf of its clients. For me, whenever you talk about measurement or tracking, I am all about that!

Associations aren’t the most exiting clients. The work is intense and it’s largely a behind-the-scenes job. The fact of the matter, thought is that not everyone can do it. It takes skill, mastery of industry-level dynamics, and a lot of patience.

However, when you’re effective, there is no better feeling in the world than knowing you didn’t just impact one business but multiple businesses. That’s why I do it and that’s why I’m proud to work at Kellen.

Blatant Sales Pitch

Just so you know, Kellen does work with non-Association clients. In fact, most of them value our industry-level focus. If you’re interested in learning more, feel free to reach out to me.

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