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Moving On



One year ago today, I was laid off. It was swift, it was unexpected and they handled it in the most unprofessional way imaginable.

For a while now, all I’ve wanted to is use this anniversary to close the book on the whole affair. After all, I am now in a better paying job with a company that is far more stable.

I should be able to move on but I can’t…

There is something deep inside of me crying out – particularly because I saw it happen time and time again to other people in the same organization.

I can’t tell you how many of these posts I’ve drafted and then thrown away. Would they make any difference? Probably not. They would make me feel better, though. Perhaps they might even help one or two people.

The truth is much different, though…

The truth is that the world will go on turning no matter what I say…

The truth is that the only way I can move on is to say “I forgive you.”

… … …

Oh, and I bought some of your domains and pointed them to a website with nothing but Alan Partridge playing air guitar to “Get Lucky”…

Now, I can move on.

PS – Just to show you “no hard feelings,” the domains are going back up to auction for purchase on Monday.  All proceeds from that auction will benefit the SHRM Foundation.
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