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Uphill…Both Ways: The Beltline 10K

Seriously, who thought it would be a good idea to map out a race route that was half-finished and ¾ uphill?  Furthermore what kind of obsessive monomaniacal runners would acquiesce to running such a course?  Oh yeah, we did.

Despite the hills and the rocks and the fact that I think the race amenities planned for way fewer runners than showed up, running the Beltline 10K was actually kind of fun.  I hit a personal record and, of course, got to hang out with my running buds.

Oh, and before you think I am lying about the uphill part, check out the topography report from RunKeeper:

That’s 610 total feet of climb.  To put that in perspective, the Washington Monument is only 555 feet tall. For the future, let’s just call this race what it is…a hash with the goal of making you want to fund/pave the rest of the Beltline Project.

Thank you and goodnight!

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